Installing an air purification system after a mold infestation

The HVAC care was just part of what we paid for

Our worst nightmare happened; we got mold. It’s almost everyone’s fear, and it happened to us. We had no idea until it started spreading. I had nightmares about dying from the poor air quality courtesy of the mold. I tried to scrub it out and made the worst mistake because I ended up in the hospital for a day. My partner called a local contractor he knew from work, asking for a solution which led him to hire a team of mold cleaners. They did extensive cleaning and assured us that everything was clear, but we’d need an HVAC technician to inspect our HVAC unit for mold infiltration. Our mid-year HVAC maintenance was due, so we got to combine the two services. The HVAC company runs a home service for most of their work, and we just needed to call and book an HVAC professional and buy a new air filter because we’d run out of the disposable ones we used per month. The inspection showed we needed some duct cleaning to ensure none of the mold spores were stuck in the ductwork. After cleaning, we installed an air purification system to help with indoor comfort. But the main purpose of our air quality systems was to ensure that no more spores were circulating in the air. After a week of staying away from home from fear of mold, our home was certified mold-free. The HVAC care was just part of what we paid for. There was a water leak in our bathroom tank, and we’d missed it, which is how the mold formed. The contractor showed us how and where to check the house for dampness to prevent mold from growing, and I got schooled about home management beyond the basics.
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