My Neighbors are not Playing With a Full Deck of Cards Anymore

My neighbors are so weird, they are always trying to copy everything that we do over here at our house.

As someone who prides herself on being unique and unusual, I do not understand people who just want to copy the things that all the people else do.

I feel that it’s absolutely annoying, but my mom always told myself and others that if someone copies you it is the highest form of flattery. That may be true, however I still hate it when someone tries to copy the things that I do. I try so hard to try to maintain my individuality, and so if someone copies me, I feel like it is an evident rip off. Anyway, our neighbors who live next door to us seem like they do not have a single unique thought in their heads. When we got our landscaping done, they called someone and had the exact same thing done to their yard. When we bought a modern car, they went out and bought a car just like ours. Now, we are finally working on our heating and cooling system, and they have started working on their heating and cooling unit too, and it’s driving myself and others crazy. We decided to put in radiant heated flooring in our condo this year, and guess what they are doing? You guessed it, they are installing radiant heat and flooring in their shack too. We are also going to put in a modern smart temperature control system, and I am assuming that they are going to try to do that as well. This whole situation is absolutely annoying, and it just makes me and my family want to pack up and move away. But, the neighbors will probably already be in the new neighborhood before we move in!

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