The Heating, Ventilation and A/C Unit at the Local School is Toast

The heating, ventilation and A/C unit at the art school has been on the fritz for the last few months.

I go there for a painting class every week and whenever there is an issue with the heating and cooling system it is very noticeable. Then just a handful of weeks ago, before the weather started cooling down, I noticed that the A/C was not working so well. Normally that would not be a massive deal, but the painting classes are always held in the same room as the kiln for the ceramics class. Whenever they have the kiln up and running, that room gets to be so tepid that you would not believe it. I guess the temperature in that room was in the high 90s on that particular day, and I remember walking in and it felt like I was really walking into an oil furnace. Normally, that would not have been a massive deal at all, but that is because they always turn the A/C unit on while I was in the painting class. However, on that particular day the A/C unit wasn’t working and so we all felt like we were gonna melt the whole time that we were trying to paint. It was so sizzling hot in there that the paint would not even dry, so it stayed liquid, which was absolutely weird. Anyway, now the A/C is fixed but we are having trouble with the oil furnace. If all of the classes could be held in the ceramics room, that wouldn’t be a massive deal I guess. They could just turn the kiln on and use it as an oil furnace.


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