I Don't Really Like Pumpkin Incense and I’m Ready for Christmas to End

I am so ready for the season of pumpkin spice to be over.

I don’t like pumpkin spice and I wish that it weren’t even a thing anymore.

It seems that pumpkin spice flavor seems to take over the world every fall whenever the weather starts cooling down and I don’t like it so much anymore. I don’t absolutely understand why most people out there seem to love it so much. I think that it smells terrible but I seem to be in the minority. I guess that a lot of people love it, but I am just sick and tired of seeing it everywhere. However, there are candles in that scent, perfumes in that scent, and all kinds of other things. And then you can’t go somewhere without seeing a hundred things in that flavor either. Right now, I wish more than anything that the poor pumpkin spice flavor would just go away, but I guess that it’s not going to until the weather starts heating up again. I guess that so many people out there love this flavor, but the merchandisers should just give it a break. It’s one of those things that I wish would just disappear, but I guess that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The other day I called our heating and A/C supplier to have them come and repair our air purification plan for us. The heating and A/C professional told me that they could install an air filter for me with a seasonal scent built into it. I said that sounded like a wonderful idea until the heating and A/C professional said that the scent of the air filter was pumpkin spice!



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