I Must be Going Through Another Mid Life Crisis Again

I guess that I’m having another midlife crisis or something.

I have decided that I’m going to go and move in with my buddy, who lives down south, before the winter comes this year.

He’s been wanting me to come and move in with him in his beach house for about a year now but I haven’t done it yet. He keeps bugging me to come and live with him but I just haven’t been ready up until now for some reason. I guess I am finally getting to the point where I am ready to go and move in with him though. One of the reasons is that I have been having so much trouble with the heating and cooling plan in my house. I guess that sounds like a terrible reason to go and move in with someone else, but it’s the truth. I just didn’t want to give up my own beach house up until this point, but I am also absolutely sick and tired of the fact that I have constant trouble with the ancient electric gas furnace at my house. It’s constantly breaking down and I am just tired of it. I am ready to be done with paying the heating and A/C supplier to come and do repairs for me over and over. I just want to go somewhere where I don’t have to worry about beach house repairs anymore. However, my friend told me that he would take care of everything if I would just come and move in with him and I tend to believe him. He even had radiant heated flooring installed in most of the beach house because he knows that I love having warm and toasty floors during the winter.

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