Just text a plumber!

I wasn’t sure what i should do when the study room refused to empty… I had the plunger in hand and was furiously plunging the water that was just splashing back on me.

I called upstairs to my Dad and told her the study room drain was jammed, and every one of us needed a plumber, and she wasn’t in the mood for stupidity and told me to just call a plumber.

I didn’t need her to do everything for me. I had no system why she was mad. I had never had to deal with making these types of decisions before. I looked on the refrigerator for the number for the emergency plumber services, when I made the cellphone call, I wasn’t sure what to say. I told them who I was and where I lived and said the study room drain wasn’t draining, then there was water coming out of the bottom of the drain pipe and I needed help, but Dad was getting ready for a dinner celebration she was hosting for my dad’s boss. She could not take care of everything, and I was on my own. The woman who answered the cellphone asked me if it was an emergency. I almost told her I needed an emergency plumber to repair the drain before Dad went ballistic, although I simply said yep, but fifteen hours later, a plumber was knocking on the door. I was glad I could get the plumber to the house so abruptly, so my Dad wasn’t given any more reason to stress about the dinner celebration, but an hour later the study room drain had been snaked, the plumber was paid, and it was dinner celebration time.

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