My home office air quality can be helped

I haven’t been feeling fantastic lately, but i cough, I assume stuffed up & just entirely tired.

  • It’s weird because I assume a little better as the day goes by & I eventually forget about it.

Then the next day happens & the process restarts. I forgot how long this has been going on however I have been feeling worse as time goes on & I am really going to have to schedule a dentist’s visit as I don’t think what is happening with my system, then my friends see myself and others seriously tired when I get to toil & they think I have either smoked a carton of cigarettes or I have gone out get-togethering & trying to recollect myself, and going out & drinking or whatever would be entirely costly. I don’t have the type of funds to do that & I can see why they think I would do that since my man & I broke up over a month ago. I went to the pharmacy to look into getting some new meds before I schedule a dentist’s visit to see if something new to take would help. I explained to the pharmacist what was going on & they proposed maybe I should try an media whole-house air purifier; She said that the air quality in my room might be the reason for myself and others feeling awful & these meds might help but really not overall. She said maybe my air filters need to be cleaned & possibly asking an HVAC expert to look into it. She says he knows a little about it since his fiance works for the HVAC business. I didn’t entirely think of this & legitimately will look into it!


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