The HOA where I live is against the condensers for ductless mini splits

For the longest time I kept praying for the chance to someday be a homeowner. Back then I was five years into renting by myself after leaving college and getting a studio with a single room for the first time. Renting seems a lot more straightforward if you can stomach the money that you waste in the process. As long as your landlord follows renting laws, you have a person to call when something is wrong with your unit and that gives you some degree of recourse to allow another party to deal with home related emergencies. I walked into home ownership being extremely ignorant, especially being in a subdivision with a homeowner’s association. You have to follow rules about outdoor aesthetics that sometimes go considerably far in their seeming overreach, but you don’t have a choice but to follow their rules. I wanted to get a zone controlled heating and cooling system by putting ductless mini splits in all of the zones throughout my house. However, I was informed that the condensers used for ductless mini splits were banned and I was not permitted to use anything other than a traditional split style air conditioning system for my house. I couldn’t use window air conditioners either. When I learned about the ductless mini split rule, I was extremely angry. The condensers for ductless mini splits are often smaller than traditional split style condenser units. So if you’re going to compare them both, sometimes the ductless mini split condensers look “better,” although I accept that is simply a subjective opinion.

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