I was surprised to hear that my 15-year-old a/c was in nice shape

I purchased this house when I was just 25 years seasoned and spent the following 10 years paying off the mortgage.

Some might say that I did it in record time, but it wasn’t an expensive house and I had few other living expenses being a bachelor for all of this time.

Ideally, I would have paid off the loan faster if I could have. That was my plan, as I knew that the interest would build and become a formidable expense before long. Once the mortgage was finally paid off, I started to believe about various improvements I could make to the house. First I paid to have a wooden deck for me in the backyard so I could have barbecues with my friends and toil colleagues. And who knows, it’s possible that someday I might be ready to settle down and have a family with someone. A deck in the backyard is a nice investment for those sorts of things. Most pressingly though, I needed to make serious upgrades to the central heating and cooling system. The a/c that came with the house was seasoned and the gas furnace had leaky HVAC duct. I decided to rip out the fan-forced gas furnace and upgrade it with radiant heated flooring instead, which was an expensive but phenomenal option once it was finally installed. While I was raving over my new radiant floors, I decided to invest in a higher SEER a/c with the same dealer that installed my new gas furnace. They told me that my seasoned a/c was in nice condition despite being 15 years old.

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