The beauty shop needed a new HVAC plan

I had never been to the beauty shop before last week.

Why would I go to a place like that, when I’m a big, rugged type of chick? My sister-in-law Jen owns her own beauty salon, as well as she invited me to come in for a meeting. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I went anyway. Jen bullied me into sitting in a chair, then chatted with me while one of her nail techs provided me with a manicure. Then she provided me with a facial, which I must admit made the skin of my face assume baby-smooth. The system was easy in concept, but hard to execute. Jen wanted to completely renovate the outdated HVAC plan in the salon, as well as make a few additions to it. Since I had been sitting in a chair in one of the salon workstations, I observed that it was a little stuffy, but Jen wanted me to install new air vents over every chair, so that every customer would have the perfect climate control while my good friend and I were in their appointment. It was a smart idea, but the cost as well as the effort to install a dozen new air vents would be sizable. Jen wanted me to begin working on it privately, as well as not go through the HVAC contractor. This would be cheaper for Jen, but more hard for me because I wouldn’t have any other HVAC techs to assist me. On the other hand, Jen will pay me in cash for my HVAC work, which will be a lot more profitable for me. Since she is my sister-in-law, I suppose I will help her out.

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