Our friends decided to invest in a dehumidifier

Our friends recently invested in a dehumidifier for their home.

We live in a sizzling and humid state.

In fact, it is the state that people think of when they talk about hot and humid temperature and we believe we are in the hottest and wettest part of that state. Anyway, our friends decided to invest in a dehumidifier because they felt that the humidity levels in their apartment were too high. We have heard that an A/C should be able to regulate the humidity levels within your apartment and keep it cool all by itself. We suggested that there might be something wrong with their A/C and that they might want to get that diagnosed out before buying a dehumidifier. Our friends did not want to do this. They said that if they called out a Heating & A/C specialist, they were afraid that they would end up spending a lot of money that they did not necessarily have at the moment. So, for now, our friends opted to buy a dehumidifier instead. However, after using it for a bit, they said that it wasn’t functioning the way they thought it would. We asked them how long it had been since they turned it on. Our friends said it had been about 6 hours. Something told us that a dehumidifier takes longer than that to run correctly. We looked it up for them and we found that a dehumidifier really won’t accomplish any noticeable change in the humidity levels until about 12 hours in. We told our friends as much, and they decided to be patient.


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