Completing the bathroom with good air conditioning

I know that most people think it was strange by adding an air conditioning system to my bathroom.

The reason is that the bathroom is quite often one of the stinkiest places in our house and an air conditioning system would help to get rid of some of those funky smells.

Not only that but the bathroom is one of the hottest places in the entire house, for some reason the central air conditioning system just doesn’t seem to cool the bathroom very well and so adding an air conditioning system to the bathroom would make everyone that goes into the bathroom much more comfortable. Now that you said to decide what kind of air conditioning we’re going to add, I went down to the local heat and AC business to see what kind of heating and cooling systems I had available and they had two air conditioning systems that I was potentially interested in. They had the window air conditioning system and they had the ductless mini split AC. I decided that I was going to go with the ductless mini air conditioning system because the ductless air conditioning system, well it was more expensive, seemed to be a better quality and I figured I’d probably ask myself longer anyways. So that was the one that I decided to purchase. I bought it home and then waited for the right time to answer the bathroom. I put it in there and turned it on already. I saw an immediate improvement and when I went into the bathroom the bathroom was already so cool. The best part though was that the AC system helped eliminate the smells in the bathroom and that was wonderful.

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