I really like the ductless HVAC addition

Our house has a somewhat peculiar shape.

  • Don’t misunderstand me, though.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call this house my home because it is fantastic. In addition, our house’s shape has caused a heating and cooling issue that I struggled to resolve for a while. One level, sprawling is how I would describe our house. The main or original part of the house had wings added on by the previous owners, which is why this happened. Being that we have a large family and that helps with space and privacy, I love that we have these additions. I do, however, deal with a lack of cooling for a large portion of the year now that I work from home full-time. We reside in the South, where heating is not particularly necessary. The heat pump more than suffices for what we do need. But my office, which is exposed on three sides and located at the end of one of the additions, receives sunlight all day. It’s not the HVAC system because we have excellent heating and cooling systems. It’s just that the constant direct sunlight heating causes my end of the house to become significantly hotter during the summer. I tried to keep the shades closed, which helped, but I couldn’t achieve the same level of cooling as the rest of the house until I had the HVAC specialists install a ductless heat pump. I’m so grateful to the HVAC company for their assistance in resolving this issue. The ductless heat pump makes working in my home office incredibly comfortable.
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