My dial thermostat is so nice

I really like having a thermostat.

I don’t want people to see them as outdated old devices but in my opinion they’re still a good option for a thermostat.

I know there are many people that I’ve moved on to having smart thermostats now and there isn’t very many people that I can find, unless we’re talking about older people that are using a traditional dialed in the stat but for me when my old home came with the doubt what they were saying I decided to keep it. I didn’t see any reason not to keep it away so I kept it in my house. I know that a lot of people own smart thermostats but I didn’t see a reason for me to get one myself. If my dial thermostat is working perfectly fine for me why would I need to go and get another one? I had my granddaughter come over the other day and she was surprised when I didn’t have a smart thermostat. I didn’t have one because everyone that she knew had one. I told her that I prefer the dial thermostat myself, sure it could be because I’m an older person but I know a few young people that prefer a dial thermostat themselves. I do believe that some people just like the simplicity of a little technology in the same way. These smart thermostats are nice at all but they’re just so complicated, I don’t need something complicated when it comes to my heating and cooling system. I just need something that’s going to do what I need to do and that’s what the dialed thermostat does. It allows me to change the temperature.