Winter is finally here

The winter season is finally here! I’m so excited winter has always been my favorite season for multiple reasons.

For the first reason it’s nice and cold, I’ve always been someone that loves the cold and during the Summers it’s brutally hot here so when winter comes around all that horrible heat has gone away.

Then again I have to go and maintain my heat system but I don’t mind maintaining my heating system, taking care of the heating system is much easier than my air conditioning system. Second reason I love winter is because of how beautiful it is. In my opinion it’s the most beautiful season of the year, it’s all the blankets of snow covering the ground, it just looks like a beautiful White wonderland. The third reason that winter is my favorite season is because it’s the holiday season, and I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with my family. Every year I go over to my parents house where we all sit around the fireplace and open gifts during Christmas time. My parents have this absolutely gorgeous traditional fireplace that is surrounded in Stone. When I was a little kid I used to fall asleep in front of that fireplace during the winter and having Christmas with my parents again while sitting in front of that warm fireplace brings back all those fond memories of what I’d be so tired after opening all those gifts that I fall asleep in front of the warmth of the fire. Those days are more like heaven and I wish I could go back sometimes. But at the same time I still love that I’m returning home every year and I’m going to celebrate winter, Christmas, and family time. In my opinion it’s small things like that that matter. That fireplace might be something very simple but it added so much to my life. I love that fireplace and I’m glad that my parents have a traditional fireplace instead of something like a gas fireplace. While electric fireplaces are beautiful, I don’t think they are as nice as a traditional fireplace.