I need to free up HVAC closet space

Storage has always been kind of a pain in my house.

It definitely was designed by a man.

The washer and dryer are significantly away from the house in a shed. The used was definitely designed to house a lot of tools too. There is a room in the house that has a metal door, a built-in safe and no window. I think the previous owner housed his guns there. The kitchen is small but the living room is giant with outlets in the floor. It is a total man house that I have been giving a woman’s touch. The lack of storage is the killer though. I have a bathroom vanity that is quite big and a closet in there. Then there is one hallway closet. That closest houses the HVAC unit and the water heater. There is no room for anything else. The water heater basically touches the ceiling and the HVAC sits on a platform. I can’t block airflow and put anything under the heater and AC unit either. So I am right now stuck with one mop, broom and bucket in the wedding. Someday it is going to be a usable space. I want to get a tankless water heater that is the size of a small suitcase. It mounts on the wall. I want to change my HVAC unit to a ductless device. That means the indoor air handlers would be in the bedrooms and wall mounted as well. That would free up the whole closet for shoes, boots, coats and cleaning supplies. That plan is a long way coming though.

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