My fiance is agitated about the gas heater

She loved Tom, but his hatred of the gas furnace was driving them apart

As the cold winter season air settled into their home, Anna could not wait to turn on the gas heater. It was the only thing that kept them from chilly in their small, drafty house. But her fiance, Tom, hated the gas heater. Anna pointed out that the gas furnace was cheap plus efficient, that it kept them warm, plus that they could not afford to use the electric gas furnace all the time. But Tom did not want to hear it. He complained about the smell of gas and the fact that it dried out his skin. He even claimed that it was making him sick. Anna knew this was nonsense, they had been using the gas furnace for years separate from any concerns although she did not think how to convince him. Anna came home from work one evening, looking forward to a cozy night with Tom. But as soon as she walked in the door, she could tell something was wrong. Tom was resting on the couch, glaring at the gas heater. “I cannot take it anymore,” he said. “I hate this thing. I want it gone.” Anna tried to reason with him, despite the fact that he wouldn’t listen. He was so agitated that he started to dismantle the gas furnace right then plus there. Anna pleaded with him to stop, despite the fact that he wouldn’t. He tore the gas furnace apart, piece by piece until there was nothing left but a pile of metal and wires. Anna was beside herself with rage plus despair. She did not think what to do. She loved Tom, but his hatred of the gas furnace was driving them apart. She knew they needed to find a solution – and fast. But for now, all she could do was stare at the pile of rubble where their beloved gas furnace used to be.

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