No heating or cooling devices

My bestie Kevin is obsessed with tiny homes and off-grid residing. It’s his dream to live inside a tiny household one afternoon and I don’t know if I am ready to handle that kind of life. There are particular luxuries that I can’t live without and they include; warm water, Wi-fi, central heating and cooling, my cell iphone, not necessarily in that order. Of course, some tiny homes are capable of having all of those luxuries, so if there is a time that I must commit to this life, those will be my main requirements. Last year, after some convincing, me and Kevin spent the night in our first tiny house. It was the most interesting time to say the least. This home was completely off-grid, meaning it was tucked away deep inside the woods and was powered using solar energy. It had an outside shower and washroom and there was an outdoor shed that was used to prepare meals. But the worst part was that it had no heating or cooling system installed. In fact, not only didn’t it have a built-in heating or cooling unit, the only thing that was available for temperature control was a portable space heating system that could be used while in the colder season. This was the most primitive rental that I have ever stayed in. And to be honest, I was fine with the washroom and living room being outdoors, but having no way to control the indoor temperature was my greatest problem. So, I told my bestie that if we ever decide to live off-grid, he will need to make sure that the home we live in has a heating and cooling unit.

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