I’ve got air conditioning

A few nights ago, I had the craziest dream that it was snowing where I live.

Of course, this doesn’t sound like a different dream except that I live in a semi-tropical part of the country and snow in the section is a very precious event.

Lately, there has been chatter across some news agencies about a pole shift, and there was even a story about the Northern Lights appearing in locations on the east coast. I suppose that’s the reason for my crazy dream. Anyway, if that were to happen where it began to snow in the section that I live in, I would for sure transfer to another part of the country. I can deal with frigid weather, but the snow is a thing on its own. With frigid weather, all I need is a good Heating and Air Conditioning equipment to keep me warm, but with snow there is a lot of toil that is involved in the cleaning up process. Someone once asked me if I would appreciate living in a location that was severely frigid or a location that was severely hot. And as long as I have good Heating and Air Conditioning equipment to keep me cool, I would select the location that’s severely hot. I don’t hate the snow, in fact I suppose it’s very pretty after it first falls, but it’s the clean up process that I can live without. Also when it melts it can be a bit messy, something I would rather avoid altogether. So, I will constantly choose to live in a tropical or warmer temperature. As long as there is good Heating and Air Conditioning equipment I will be fine.