Portable a/c units are a good thing

My sibling likes going camping, as it’s one of his preferred things he likes to do on his free weekends.

At times, he will go by himself just so that he could have peace and quiet.

He has invited me a few times even though I am not a fan of primitive camping. I appreciate camping in style in a household or even in an RV. My excuse to him was about not having air conditioning while camping, despite the fact that he has constantly said that it’s not needed because the nights are usually cool. I didn’t want to take the risk of being stuck in the woods in an uncomfortable tent, so I have constantly skipped out on his camping adventures. Well, recently he purchased a portable cooling system that he said can be used inside a tent. I was a bit skeptical about this because I haven’t heard good reviews about portable cooling systems. Well, my sibling assured me that the one he purchased was the best on the market and he used it to cool his patio with no issue, which means it’s also good for other small spaces as well. This portable a/c unit uses water to cool, which is different from the traditional cooling systems on the market. According to my sibling, it’s called an evaporative cooler or “swamp cooler. I have never heard of this kind of portable a/c unit, so of course I was skeptical about how it works. I told my sibling to test it out on his next camping trip and if it keeps the tent cool for the entire night then I might consider going camping with him.


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