I’m constantly switching from heating to cooling with my HVAC unit

I love Spring because it’s my favorite time of year.

During the Spring, everything seems to come alive.

The trees and the flowers are blooming, and not to mention that the bees and the butterflies are out pollinating. Plus, the weather is always pleasant, and it usually averages about 72 degrees during the day. Although the Spring is great, for some reason, this year, the weather has been all over the place. For instance, my trees began to blossom in January, which means that the bees were out pollinating during that time. And now that the Spring is finally here, the blossoms are gone and so are the bees. It seems like Spring came early but during the season, the weather has been changing between hot and cold. For instance, last week, the temperature was in the high 80s, but then over the weekend it dropped back down into the 50s for the high. And this pattern happened before the season began as well. This means that I have been switching from air conditioning to heating during some weeks. I don’t know if this is causing extra wear and tear on my HVAC unit because it’s going from one extreme to the next from week by week. The ideal situation is to have the weather remain constant throughout the season so that I will use my HVAC for either heating or cooling. I can’t control the weather and I need to use my HVAC unit regardless if it’s hot or cold outside. I just hope that the weather balances out soon so that I can enjoy more of the Spring while spending time outside.



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