It’s never a good idea to overlook the HVAC unit

I have a confession to make, I have been neglecting my HVAC unit and every day that it cycles on, I am always afraid that it will break down.

It has been almost 2 years since I have gotten the unit serviced, which means it’s way overdue.

On multiple occasions, my HVAC provider has contacted me to schedule an appointment, but I have been putting it off. Of course, I am not alone as the HVAC unit is one of those equipment inside our homes that we tend to overlook. We just expect it to run every day without doing our due diligence to make sure that the unit is functioning properly. And to be honest, HVAC maintenance doesn’t take a long time, especially if the unit is serviced on a regular basis. In fact, when I schedule HVAC maintenance the entire process will take less than 2 hours from beginning to end. So, there is no real excuse why I keep putting off the service. Thankfully, my HVAC unit hasn’t shown any signs of decline and there are no weird noises coming from it. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with it. There could be an unforeseen issue that only an HVAC technician can detect after he/she performs maintenance on the equipment. So, although the machine appears to be in great condition and working properly, I am still going to schedule the service, I just need to figure out when. And I will be hoping that in between now and then, that nothing goes wrong with my HVAC unit because that would not work out in my favor.


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