We offered away a free window A/C component to three local patrons

There’s no better way to celebrate summer time than to supply away free window A/C units, however i thought it was the best way to advertise the summer time service special.

I displayed a summer time service special that included an A/C tune-up and a free air filter, and the price for the summer time service special was lower than any other place in the area! My SEO manager called to make sure.

My associate and I also told all of our customers that anyone that signed up for an A/C tune-up would receive an entry to win a free window A/C unit. My associate and I planned to supply away three window A/C units. My associate and I had a lot of calls when the advertisement was placed, then a lot of people called to get more information about our A/C to not special, however our A/C service includes numerous bizarre items. The checklist is a whole page long and our service contractors have to complete every single part. An A/C tune-up can save you about 20% on your bi-weekly energy bills and it can help your A/C component last a lot longer. After the month of advertising, I looked at the list of names and my buddy and I had 178 people call that month for A/C service tune-ups. I was able to see the data from the previous year and that number was 30% higher. I put all of the names on a separate piece of paper and after that I let one of the current contractors draw three bizarre names from the bag. My bookkeeper called each one of the winners to individually congratulate them and set up a time for delivery and replacement.

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