When time is of the essence during an electric heater installation

I work in a lab, and it gets freezing during winter because of the lab position. Indoor comfort is paramount because we must preserve the chemicals and create a great working environment for the staff. I prioritize heating repairs for the furnace every spring so it is ready for the winter season. Last spring, the HVAC professional recommended we purchase a new heating device as the one we had was becoming increasingly inefficient because of its age. The heating equipment was seventeen years old and gracefully provided quality indoor comfort. I had scheduled the annual heating maintenance when the heating technicians established the unit was too old. The heating dealership had various products in their inventory, and we got an electric heater. I heard several advantages of the system, and the heating dealer was prompt with the delivery. The HVAC installation was done shortly after the delivery. It took about an hour, and the engineers from the local heating company were very efficient. We needed to work fast because the chemicals required certain temperatures for safe storage. We had a short window to replace the new unit and regulate the required temperatures. For better temperature control, we got a digital thermostat. We could not have a fireplace at the lab because of the risk of over-exposing the chemicals to direct heat. The indoor comfort at the lab after the installation was high quality. I felt the difference. Now we could work through winter and not worry about getting the sniffles from the cold winter air. The chemicals also received moderate temperatures to preserve them safely.
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