Tearing out the water heater to do the stone floors

I got it smooth and colorless

I recently redid all the floors in my home… The worst part was absolutely the supply closet! I had to stone underneath the Heating and A/C component that was on a stand. I also had to detach the water heater to stone underneath it. I am a legitimately small man though. I couldn’t lift it by myself. I also didn’t want to detriment it in the process. I actually called a plumber to lift it for me, however while the guy was there, he informed me that the water tank was actually harshly old. It had maybe a year or two before it quit on me. I figured now was absolutely the right time to replace it. I hadn’t fully moved into my property yet so I wasn’t reliant on the boiling water. It was nice that my plumber could shop around for a enjoyable brand and a nice deal on a water heater. I ended up choosing one that was highly rated, brand up-to-date and fit in my closet so much better than the outdated one. It was nice having the space temporarily cleaned out so I could do the stone work. I took fortune of the open space to scrape the pretzels, sand and mud the ceiling. I got it smooth and colorless. I then painted inside the closet and the stand the Heating and A/C component sat on, but finally I did a deep clean to ensure everything was in enjoyable shape, but now I have a brand up-to-date water heater installed with brand up-to-date stone floors. I moved into a property that was in great shape for me.


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