Apartment air filters for our unit

I am easily beginning to get frustrated with my condo complex… Why? Because they never seem to have enough air filters, however usually when it is time to replace the air conditioner filters in the apartment’s Heating & Air Conditioning system, I would go down to their main office and get one from the front desk, then but it seems like they never have any available anymore, they are always out, and then they would tell me that they will be getting them in soon, however they never do, it is easily frustrating, because not changing the air filter often enough is going to take its toll on my heating and cooling unit, and it’s not tolerable for my cooling unit to suffer just because they don’t have enough filters available.

It undoubtedly got so poor to the point I undoubtedly had to go out and buy my own, just to replace the ancient air filter. I called and complained, and that seemed to help a little, as then I was able to get an air filter for a couple of weeks, however it didn’t take long before they were out again. Why are they always running out of air filters? They don’t even have that many renters here. Unless they have someone who ends up taking most of them, or they don’t buy enough, however anyways, that is my only complaint about this site, because everything else here is pretty nice, then even my landlord is a cool person, I just wish they would stop running out of the Heating & Air Conditioning filters here.
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