My cousin neglected to replace her dirty air filters

My cousin isn’t the most responsible person in the world.

She doesn’t keep her apartment or her car in good shape and generally lacks cleanliness.

You might have noticed that she doesn’t take as many showers as she should. I haven’t figured out why she acts that way yet. Do you think she is aware that she smells? In addition, she keeps three cats inside. The problem with her cats is that the litter box is always overflowing. She shouldn’t have pets because she doesn’t care for them properly. Her home has a distinct cat odor, and I have no doubt that her feline residents have left behind a trail of destruction in various rooms. On top of that, she constantly complains of feeling ill. Spending even a few hours in her company cause my sinuses to start hurting. I can rule out cats as the cause because I own one. Then one day, the air conditioning in her home stopped working, and the hot weather made her miserable. It might be just me, but I think it would be hell to live in a dirty old house like that. A professional in the field of HVAC advised her to change her air filters because the old ones can aggravate her allergies. I had no idea why I was having allergy problems until I got there. The next thing he said was completely out of character for an HVAC tech. He told her to clear some space if she ever needs a technician at her place because it will be hard for anyone to service her home the way it is now.
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