Working for the heating dealership this winter

I still have three more hours to get my online work done and my yoga session done before I need to go shopping.

  • Today is going to cost quite a bit with food shopping because I am low on everything.

I wish they could just deliver the food I need but this town is not set up for that just yet. I think in the future they will have it to where you can just order your weekly food and have it delivered to your door at the same time. That would save me a lot if the local business delivered everything I needed for the week. Then I would just have to put the food away, which would only take me about five minutes. The heating and cooling system in the delivery trucks would have to be good so the food doesn’t spoil on the way to my house. That would save me a lot of time then and I could use that extra time to work on songs or something else with my music. I don’t mind shopping at the local business, especially in the summer when the air conditioning is cold in the store and it is hot outside. I think that I may hire my flatmate to shop for me and pay her with a reduced rent, as she likes to shop for some reason. I am better at fixing things like broken space heaters and programming thermostats in the house. Shopping for me is not fun,and I don’t really know why, but it has always been this way.


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