Mom tells me I need to do some air purification

My house is in shambles, my mother dislikes visitors, but my dad will occasionally drop by.

Just to see me, he’ll bring me soups or other various things. We catch up in person because he isn’t a phone person. In some ways, I wish he was, but I enjoy seeing him, if it brightens his day, I’m all for it. I believe my dad comes over because he enjoys doing whatever he can to assist me. If he sees dirty laundry or unwashed dished, he will tackle it right away. Perhaps he goes above and beyond for me because I am his only child. He also knows I’m always home because I work there, so he can come by at any time if he feels like it. It can be inconvenient at times, but I can always make time for lunch or whatever. My mom will not come over for the same reasons that my dad does. She despises filth and regards me as a dirty person who takes advantage of my dad. I never ask him to do anything, but he always does it. I’m not going to stop anyone. She claims that my house stinks and that I should do some air purification. She suggests that I contact the HVAC company and have an HVAC tech come out to see what can be done. I’m only assuming that the air filters need to be cleaned, and I’m hoping that nothing died in the vents. I understand that she doesn’t like to stop by, so I never get upset, but we get together for dinner without Dad on occasion. Aside from the telephone, this is how we communicate.


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