My son’s bedroom has better air conditioning

Summer is my favorite part of the year.

My husband and I get to go to the boat, I fish, she reads her book, and we drink wine on a patio while listening to our favorite music in the evening.

My son enjoys going to the beach and hiking with his friends. We all do other things during the summer, but summer is all about getting outside, enjoying the sun, and living it up as much as we can before the frigid winter returns. The only problem is that we all tan pretty well, and I frequently get sunburned. It’s definitely the worst part, but I look good with a tan! At least, that’s what my husband says. When we’re at home, out of the heat and sun, I blast the air conditioning, especially when we are all getting ready for bed. My husband and my bedroom weren’t as comfortable as they had been in the past. So I pretended it was even hotter outside and kept cranking up the air conditioning unit’s thermostat. Nothing really happened, but our son asked us to stop fiddling with the thermostat dial because he was getting cold. When I walked into his room, it felt like I was in Antarctica. I won’t lie, it felt pretty great, but that means something was wrong with our room. I discovered that the fan motor was malfunctioning, and our son’s room is cooler because he is closest to the air conditioning unit. I really don’t want to spend more money on repairs for the house but the HVAC unit will need it.

Air conditioning technician