Changing out the air filters at my wife's parent's house

I lost both of my parents at a relatively young age.

Both of them died within a span of three years.

Both were killed by a disease known as cancer and there really wasn’t anything that anyone could do to save their lives. However, fast forward my years later I am happy that I was able to meet my wife’s parents because they absolutely adore me. Things are different with her parents. When I first met them, they were about as warm as a thermostat in the fifties. Moreover, little significant change has occurred over the years. They didn’t want me to take care of their daughter for any reason. My wife and I recently moved to the north front of the south after getting married. Because of this, their little girl had to move further away. I was neither politically nor economically well-connected. We were, however, in a comfortable three-bedroom home with air conditioning. The room I converted into my office has a ductless heat pump that I installed myself. However, as time went on, it became clear that her parents wanted to move closer to us. I helped by finding the perfect spot for them. There was this condo that was located on a golf course and all that was required of it was a new HVAC system. After they bought the condo, I had the HVAC system replaced before they moved in. However, due to its poor condition, the ductwork had to be replaced as well. My mind immediately went to the ductless pump that warms my office. I was also happy to find out that her parents were big fans of the ductless heat pumps as well.


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