Remote temperature control is amazing

I recently upgraded to a smart thermostat and now I can’t imagine life without it.

I had no idea it was possible to regulate the temperature of your home from far away, but apparently, it is! I don’t know why I didn’t hear about this amazing technology sooner.

Do you mean to tell me that I’ve had the option to control the temperature in my house from the convenience of my phone the whole time? I’m very upset that I didn’t have this years ago. I still have a hard time accepting that this is all true. The craziest part is that I stumbled upon it by chance. I went to the local HVAC shop to get a replacement filter because mine was worn out. Despite my best efforts to stock up on disposable air filters, I have used them all up. Only the one disposable air filter that is permanently attached to my HVAC system remains after I used up every other air filter in my home. I knew I’d have to throw it out because it was getting pretty dirty. After having a new filter put in my HVAC system, it functioned a lot better. While I was at the heating and cooling shop, I noticed advertisements for “smart thermostats” and made the observation that they could be linked to a wireless network. There was an image of a phone with a finger pushing the screen and the caption read, “Controlling your thermostat is just a finger push away.” I knew at that moment I needed it because this way, I can now go anywhere and control my HVAC system.

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