Seven gas fireplaces for sale

I am starting to think about food again, and it is funny because I just ate about an hour ago.

I haven’t done much exercise over the past three days because I was so sore from too many weekend sports.

I’m going to cut back on my volleyball so that I have more energy to play music with my bandmate. We are going to pierce the veil of the club scene soon and break into that market to stir things up a bit. Our music is unique for sure and we are going to try it out in air conditioned clubs soon to see what kind of response we get from people in the local businesses. We started playing on the beach near the beach bars and will soon be breaking into that scene when the summer crowds come soon. It has been a dream of mine to play music in climate controlled bars and get off of the streets where it can be too hot in the summer with no air conditioning. I think we can do some great shows and I am looking forward to playing for many years to come. I can leave my HVAC tech job soon and won’t be doing any more heating or cooling repairs for the rest of my life. If I somehow make it to 90 years old and can play till I am, say 85 years old, that would mean I still have 30 more years of playing music for people. My heating rep told me that he thinks we are going to be really successful in this venture. We shall see.


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