Getting older with my cooling system

It’s funny, well not really, but when I am walking the streets with my bandmate all of the women look at him and not me.

He is about 25 years younger than I am, which tells me that my time has passed when it comes to being the handsome man in the crowd.

I guess it is natural for women to be attracted to a younger man and not an old one like me, so I have to accept that I am getting old and just handle it with grace and dignity. Maybe I’ll get a facelift soon, haha. Heating and cooling work is still there for me even if I am old now, which is nice because it keeps me off the streets so women don’t have to look at my old face. I still get looks, but it is usually from the older women and not the young ones anymore. As long as we can play music in climate controlled clubs I really don’t care who looks at me or him anymore. I get my joy from making songs and playing the drums while I sing and not so much from how women look at me. I did get more attention from women when I was an HVAC tech and worked on a/c units for customers in their homes. Now I am just that old man coming over to work on the house and nothing more. I still feel young though and can lift heavy space heaters and things like that without getting winded. Not bad for a 56 year old.


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