Time for some space heating

My roommate and I got into a little tiff an hour ago, about laundry off all things.

It seems every time I need to wash my clothes she is running a load in the washer, so today I asked her if she can give me a day or two when she isn’t washing clothes, which didn’t seem to sit too well with her.

It’s just that every single time I want to wash my clothes there is a load of hers running in the machine. I only do a load once a week and each time I try I can’t. HVAC tech is my main job and it keeps me busy most of the time, so when I get some free time to wash my clothes it would be nice if I could. In the big scheme of things this is nothing, but we need to find a solution so that I can have some clean clothes. My heating supplier has a washing machine in the back room and if it comes down to it I will just do my laundry while working at the HVAC company. People will probably think I am crazy but what else is new? I’ve been called crazy since making my own climate control system with my old car that had no air conditioning. I would hold the big cardboard sunshade out my window and have it scoop in the air as I was driving, something that I am sure gave a kick to a lot of people driving next to me. Homemade a/c can be a good thing.
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