Four cooling stories flying out

I’m getting down to the wire with my work and soon I will be done for the day.

In 90 minutes I am going to the store to get my food and then I’ll come home and do some yoga.

Today will be a chill day after that with just a short leg workout and then I will watch my friends play ball while sitting in my beach chair and relaxing. I will probably go for a run or hit the ball around a bit, but as far as playing goes I think I am done with the sport. Ductwork cleaning and repair is going to be on the agenda for the rest of the week as we tackle a big job for a commercial HVAC company near our city. This weekend we are going to play all three days and maybe make a bit of money in the process. I want to get a new climate control system soon and am saving money from the work I do for the local contractor so that I can buy a new one before winter comes. Today is a nice day and the weather is quite moderate and we are just staying cool in the flat by opening the windows in the place. There is a good cross breeze and we won’t need any air conditioning for a few more weeks or so. I think it is time for a little lunch and then I will come back and get the rest of this writing done before going to the local business to grab some grub.

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