Cat fights and clean air quality

Well our cats just got into a little scrap again.

My flatmate has a cat that isn’t very friendly and it keeps attacking my cats when we let it out of her room.

Well, they just got into a fight again but this time my one year old cat got her cat in the nose with one of its claws. My cats are a lot younger and faster than her fat older cat, so maybe now it will realize that it isn’t the king of the house just because it is fatter. I have two black cats from the local business down the street, and the local contractor who gave them to me told me to be careful because they are wild cats. I think maybe her cat will tone down its aggressiveness now that my cat beat it up, chalk one up for the cool black cats in the house. I will go to the heating supplier soon to get a new HEPA filter because my current one is clogged up with all kinds of cat hair and dust. It hasn’t been replaced in years and I think it is overdue for a change and not just a cleaning. I normally do it myself but I think this time I will just have an HVAC tech come out and do the swapping for me so I can keep an eye on the wild animals that are running my flat. I have one more hour of work to do and then I can go to the store and get a bunch of cat food and other things I need.