The oil furnace is a ghost

My life is like a movie I tell you what.

There are boring parts of the movie followed by pockets of excitement.

I am in a boring period now but it will soon change and things will spice up once again. I’ve been living like a monk the past 16 months because I wanted to cleanse my soul and calm my mind down from a long and tumultuous relationship. Well, that ended finally and I am on my way to becoming the person I used to be before it all fell apart. I somehow managed to keep my HVAC worker job at the local business through all of this and am happy that they kept me on board when things got ugly in my personal life. Summer is coming and a lot of new people will come into town soon, which will spice up my life and maybe add some excitement after living such a boring life the past year. I want to do some gigs for this new contractor who runs a bunch of the beach bars, and as long as they are air conditioned then I will be more than happy to do shows in the clubs this summer. I think our band is going to take it to the next level soon and we should be on our way to success in a matter of time. We just need to keep doing our heating and cooling work for the place we work for till our band hits the big time and we start to travel in air conditioned luxury in our RV.

Heater technician