Fixing the radiant heater again

I think my laundry is about done and I want to get it hung outside so I have some sheets to sleep on tonight.

I also need to wash my blanket because it has been a while since doing so. The sheet on my daybed also needs to be washed because it is full of black cat hair and has some stains from wine. That is the extent of my day as far as chores go and you can bet that by the time the clock strikes 5pm I will be on the sand relaxing in a beach chair with climate control offered for free by Mother Nature. It is a really nice day out and the winds are light, so it should be a good day for the beach later as my friends meet up to play some ball. I will run my a/c unit for a bit today to make sure that it is running well, and if there is a problem I can call the HVAC business near me and have someone out within a day to fix it. I will go shopping tomorrow and then we will play music on the pier next to a beach bar for the patrons inside. They usually have a good climate control system in the beach bars and our goal is to get into the places this summer and show the world what kind of music they have been missing. It will be a good summer and I am looking forward to making a lot of new songs and new friends.

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