Friday is heating up with air conditioning

Today is in fact Friday and we are supposed to play music tonight on the pier beside my favorite beach.

  • We played there two days ago and had a lot of fun, so today we will do it all again and also try to get in this beach bar near the pier.

The weather is warming up and more people are coming to the beach, which is good for us because we get a bigger audience and have more fun and more followers. We aren’t trying to get a million followers but just a good amount so that local businesses can see that we have a fanbase. Our longer term goal over the next year is to get in a regular rotation in the beach bars and clubs in town and make enough money to pay the bills each month. I think we are close to doing that soon and then my HVAC tech job will be easier because I can cut back my hours working for the local contractor and focus more energy on music. My plan is to play in a band for the rest of my life and just have fun entertaining people and making songs for the world to hear. I’d like to work on air conditioning part time and spend a lot of my nights in climate controlled clubs having fun with playing the drum and singing. I know it is possible but I also know it is going to take a lot of hard work to achieve, but that is fine with me because I love the craft.