During the lockdown, my hubby became an interior designer

Life is so unpredictable and at times, it can easily throw curve balls at you; It is how we maneuver through those obstacles that will determine our tplot strengths and abilities; For instance, 2 years ago, due to the pandemic, my hubby was laid off from his corporation! He had been working there for 10 years and was not expecting that hiccup at all.

I must confess that at first, we panicked because his salary was our primary source of income, then and unfortunately, I didn’t make enough currency to cover all our expenses.

After the initial shock, we had to come up with a plan of action. He considered going into real estate however realized he had no passion for it at all; So, he did something that I was not expecting, he decided to take a opportunity on himself and do what he loved the most and that is interior design. He’s really great at it, in fact, whenever our friends need interior design ideas for their homes, they usually contact my hubby for help. This has been a passion of his for some time now and he likes seeing all those DIY shows. They are good for interior design ideas, and he is constantly pulling some kind of inspiration from those shows for his next condo improvement project, my pal and I didn’t know what the outcome of his career change would be, however excited to say that he started his own interior design supplier and it’s doing severely well. And best of all, whenever I need interior design ideas, I can get it for free.


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