I’m seventy. Do I really need botox injections

I know I’ve got frown lines and crows feet.

  • I have earned every wrinkles and crinkle that I have on my face.

They came from years of dealing with children. All because my granddaughter wants to get married, everyone seems to think I should look younger. I am a great-grandmother, and I don’t mind looking my age. When my daughter asked if I would go to the facial spa and get botox injections with her, I was appalled. I told her I’m seventy. Do I really need botox injections? She was honest and said probably not, but he daughter requested it. I couldn’t believe my granddaughter would ask her mother to get botox injections, or more importantly would expect it. I told her my granddaughter was not the young woman I knew if that was truly what she wanted. She fessed up and said she wanted to get botox injections. She thought she was looking quite old lately and felt like she looked as bad as I did. Now, I was insulted. I knew I was 25 years older, but I didn’t feel that old. She then asked if I would go to the facial spa with her while she got botox injections. I told her I would accompany her, but I wasn’t going to get botox injections, or any other treatment that was going to need a needle stuck in my face. When we walked into the facial spa, one of the anesthetist came over and asked if I was there for a facial or a mani/pedi. I told her I was just there with my daughter. She smiled at my daughter and shyly said she thought I was her sister. My daughter rolled her eyes and said I was her mother.

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