This was my first time witnessing yellow jacket removal

Nothing is as terrifying as finding yellow jackets in your backyard as you cut the grass.

Well, this past summer I narrowly escaped getting stung multiple times by yellow jackets. I left my house during early spring to go and visit my mom. We’d not seen each other in a long time, so I took time off work to spend two months with her. Mom is the best person in the world. And I had missed her so much. My job can be demanding, but I have an accommodating boss. We agreed I’d work from home so if there were tasks to do, I’d be there to handle them. Mom thought I was coming one day but I arrived a day earlier to surprise her. She cursed at me when she opened the front door and there I was with my luggage at hand. Anyway, we had the best time and I got back home at the beginning of summer. By this time, my grass was overgrown, so I got busy cutting it. I normally wear earphones while cutting the grass, but I had misplaced them, and that’s when I heard the yellow jackets. They were hidden in a bushy area and came at me with full force as I was mowing near the nest. I dropped the mower, and ran into my house to get in touch with a yellow jacket exterminator. They specialize in yellow jacket removal and had done a terrific job at a neighbor’s house the previous summer. I was safely in my house watching as the yellow jacket exterminator was busy at work to ensure all of them were gone.

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