I’m glad I decided to get a second opinion

My wife and I didn’t realize that there was a leak in the bathroom until there was water leaking through the other side of the wall.

We had some furniture against the wall and the sofa and loveseat completely blocked our view of the wall.

We didn’t notice there was a problem until the wood was warping underneath the sofa. I decided to move all the furniture and that has when we observed the large plumbing problems. I contacted a dealer that has emergency services. The plumbing dealer that I consistently use is only open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. It was a Tuesday when the problem occurred so I called a different dealer. The first thing they tried to tell me was that I had a leak in the concrete under the floor and they recommended it was going to cost about 2,500 to fix. I wanted to get started on the repairs as soon as possible. That was a heap of money to spend on a service and I thought it was a fantastic idea to get a second opinion. I turned off the water to that bathroom so there was no more leaking and I called the trusty and dependable plumbing dealer that I normally use throughout the week. They were happy to come and give me a second opinion and did not charge me anything at all. The plumbing corporation did not agree with the emergency service crew. She believed that the week was coming from underneath the toilet and that was only going to be about $400 to fix.


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