My oldest boy wanted a shipping tote to be his home.

I thought my boy Ed was insane when he obtained the shipping container.

It was unsightly plus I couldn’t figure out what Ed was going to do with it.

Ed put it on the land that bordered ours, plus asked what we thought of his new home. I stood there for a bit, staring at it and thinking he was going crazy. Ed told me that in a few months the condo would be so appealing plus you would never know it was once an outdated shipping container. Over the next month, I heard saws going plus metal cracking as the workers converted the outdated shipping tote into a real home. There were cutouts for the doors plus windows, but I was wondering what they would do that would make the interior look like a proper home… Right before Christmas, his shipping tote house was completed plus I got to take the tour. There was a full lavatory, a utility family room with a small family room table, plus a small family room. 2 spare beds were hidden in the sofa plus chair, plus all of Ed’s small appliances were tucked away in cupboards plus hidden storage spaces. The home office is small, but there were drawers under the bed, plus closet space between the wall plus the lavatory. Ed had room for a queen-sized bed. I thought his shipping tote house was going to be tiny, but it is actually perfect for one plus maybe two people. I was so satisfied with the look of Ed’s shipping tote home. I told my partner if we ever decided to downgrade, I would look into buying an outdated shipping container, plus turning it into a small shipping tote home like Ed did.

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