Have you seen these new portable shower containers?

My family has always enjoyed camping in the woods, but I hated going to bed at night odoring like the lake plus the smoke of the bonfire.

I never liked to use the onsite shower facilities because of the very small curtains across each cubicle, but they were always a few inches too low on the width, and anyone coming into the shower house could see your naked body.

I wasn’t someone who wanted to be seen naked. When my kids grew up, I no longer went camping with my partner. Without our kids, it just wasn’t fun anymore. I chose to stay at my house where I could take a shower without other people in the shower with me, but last month, my youngest boy Ed wanted to take his boy camping plus asked me to go with them. When Ed and I got to the campground, all the outdated memories came flying back. Ed and I got out of the truck, plus my granddaughter grabbed my arm. Ed told me he had something special to show me plus took me to the portable restroom they had set up about 4 campsites down. She told me to come in with her. When we got inside, Ed held his arms out plus yelled, ‘ta da’. What I thought was a portable restroom, was instead a portable shower container. Ed told me he could watch the door while I got my shower if I would watch the door while Ed got hers. Mommy would have to come alone, because Ed didn’t want me to be left alone. With the portable shower container, I knew Ed and I were going to have fun.

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