Why would she want a modular room?

My sibling Ed kept telling me about the modular family room his Jesse partner obtained for her.

I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to buy a modular family room unless you were planning on going to carnivals, or other events like that.

Ed told me that I had no imagination. Ed was planning on using the modular family room as an outdoor family room, but during the Summer months plus when Ed was canning or making jelly, all the heat would be kept outside, plus Ed would not be suffering in the family room. I thought it was kind of deranged, considering Ed didn’t do a lot of cooking, although he also talked about going to carnivals. I asked Ed what he would be cooking at carnivals. Ed told me he had no intention of cooking, but his partner might. He had been talking about getting a new modular family room plus making his world famous potato pancakes for the local fair. I tried to tell Ed that all the people who was at the fair, had their version of a potato pancake, although he wasn’t listening. Ed said no one made potato pancakes like his partner’s, and personally I thought Ed’s potato pancakes were greasy plus tough, but who was I to say. I told Ed good luck with his plus his partner’s potato pancakes, plus I hoped the modular family room gave Ed the ability to keep cooler in the house. Ed stopped me plus asked if I didn’t want to use the modular family room. I told Ed that I didn’t like cooking enough to want a modular family room, especially if I had to travel across town to use it.

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