No air conditioning at a sushi restaurant

One after, my friend and I decided to meet up for lunch.

We picked a time and location and were looking forward to spending the afternoon together sharing a nice lunch and catching up with each other. It had been a very hot day and we were both looking forward to being inside the cool restaurant. When we arrived, we noticed a sign on the door. The sign read “No A/C on this side of restaurant”. No problem, we thought. We would make the obvious choice of sitting on the side of the restaurant with air conditioning. To my surprise, the air conditioning on the side of the restaurants where we sat was extremely cold. Knowing that sometimes ducts can get clogged causing the cool air to not come out of the vents, my friend offered that information to our server. It turns out that there was no manager available to resolve the problem so the servers had taken matters into their own hands and called the local HVAC repair shop. When they finally got an HVAC technician out to the restaurant, the temperature was climbing into the 90s. It was just a matter of time before the rest of the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. When the HVAC technician arrived, they took him to the side that was very cold first and then walked him over to the hot side so he could feel the difference. He immediately recognized the problem and was able to get to work. He was able to repair the air conditioner quickly.

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