Time for the family fight, annual HVAC service appointment

No matter how old I get, it seems like there are certain things that never will change in my family.

There are certain dynamics that we just can’t seem to shake.

For instance, my mom will always treat us as if we are small and stupid children. She will continually try to help us with things that we can handle on our own and speak to us condescendingly about the ways she believes we should have handled things. Secondly, my oldest brother will always be a family antagonist food teases the rest of the kids. That will never change. Lastly, every year we are bound to relive the exact same argument over and over again. It’s not something that should really drive the family apart, but every cold season we wind up ignoring each other for a few weeks after having a massive blowout. It all starts as uneven hot and cold temperatures start flowing through our area. As the fall airstreams into our region, it’s clearly time to think about the heating system. For the first time in months, we have to consider the quality of the furnace, air ducts, and home insulation. Immediately, this is territory for a fight. My mom never thinks that she should have the forced air furnace properly serviced before winter. Every year, we battle over the necessity of calling a professional HVAC technician to inspected the heating system before we operate it everyday. Every year, I have to go behind her back and arrange for the professional HVAC appointment. Every year, my oldest brother throws a tantrum when I blame him for arranging the official furnace appointment and he gets yelled at by my mom.