It’s nice having access to radiant heated flooring at work

I spent 10 years working in retail before I couldn’t take it any longer.

You get exposed to the worst members of the public so much that it starts to break your spirit.

The biggest retail chains don’t care about their employees in these situations, at least that’s what happened with mine. I was fired for asking a customer to please refrain from calling me names. Can you imagine standing up for yourself politely and still getting fired? That’s what inevitably happened with me at that company, and it finally convinced me that I should try working in a new profession altogether. My brother oddly enough was working at a company as a programmer and he told me about an entry level position that I was qualified for. Eventually I worked my way into the sales department and I’ve never been happier with my financial prospects. It feels like I have finally fallen into having a real career for the first time in my life. You can’t beat the company we’re working for either. They offer extremely generous paid-time-off packages so that employees can go on what amounts to being two separate long vacations a year, assuming you pass your employee prohibition period. Another thing I love about working in this office is the amazing radiant heated flooring that we have throughout. It gets fairly cold in the winter in our area and you can’t go without a strong furnace or heating system indoors. Apparently the company agreed to brand new radiant heated flooring not long before I started working here.

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